Business Provider Account

Access to a variety of professional tools and functionality


Drive awareness, increase customers and share your story amongst a highly engaged audience.


Buisness Provider Account is a free opportunity for
fashion & beauty businesses to increase brand
awareness and generate sales on BaxBeauty in
which only potential customers and enthusiastic
audience can exist.


Because you don’t want to miss out on an opportunity
that can help you start and grow your business. As we
are specifcally in fashion and beauty industry, our
users are willingly ready for your best offers.


We provide a veriety of professional tools for you to
stand out on BaxBeauty. Our features help you express
yourself and your business along with connecting
people with common interests.

 Add Your Location

Set your location on the map and start driving
potential customers. We know that online
visibility is critical for your business in order to
lead more customers to your location.

 Optimise Your Profile

Share more information about your business that will
draw more attention and help your audience better
understand your business and work time.

  Sell Your Products

Open your online store and start selling your
products. We Make it easy for people to shop
right at the moment of discovery.

 Offer Your Services

Categorise and describe your services in order
to let your clients know. Showing your services
will increase your engangement with people.

 Advertise Your Business

Run ads by promoting your posts, products
and stores that youve shared on BaxBeauty.
Just select your item that you want to promote
and then track how many people are seeing
and interacting

 Leverage Your Reviews

Theres no better social proof than hearing
other customers say they enjoyed their

  Control Your Expenses

Keep your budget onder control with in-app
wallet features along with claiming bonuses
and rewards which are available.


We provide different engaging tools for you to
create professional and entertaining contents
and share with your friends.

 Personalise Your Gallery

You can resize and change the appearance of
your videos and pictures showed in your
gallery once you post.

 Create Animated Story

Easily capture your fantastic moments and
create beautiful designs in order to increase
the engangement.

 Be In Touch With People

Create group chats and private conversations
with your friends. Send photos, videos, and
messages to share your ideas and express
yourself, even when youre apart.


Learn how to get most out of our features

Makeup Artist
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Makeup Artist
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Makeup Artist
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Makeup Artist
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