Bringing social media to its efficient use for the convenience of our audience

We are committed to be providing you with what matters
to you. So let’s be Beautiful. Be Handsome. Be Productive.
Be You.

Our Principles

Our principles are what we stand for. They are beliefs we hold deeply and make tradeoffs to pursue.

Exclusivity & Effectivity

BaxBeauty is designed to create a friendly
environment to accommodate Beauty Lovers and
Fashion Enthusiasts together to communicate
their needs, experiences, moments and curio
without any disturbance.

  Branding & Marketing

BaxBeauty takes Social Media to the next level
by connecting people with local Fashion-and
their brand awareness.

Creativity & Productivity

Create stunning content, Share with your
network, Inspire your friends, Discover new
trends, Search what you need, Locate the best
and Purchase things you like right away.


Our community empowers people with common
interests around the world to share fashionable ideas,
offer support, grow their businesses and make a


Our Missions

Our Missions are positioned to align with your values not just written as something the brand believes

Save Time

Since most people attend social media to discover new trends in fashion, style and beauty, we believe they deserve to have a special platform in which they will not be distracted by unrelated things.

Build Community

Help people connect and share their best moments & experinces. We believe people tend to see new fashionable lifestyles and exchange new ideas.

Promote Business

Local Fashion and Beauty businesses like Beauty Salons, Barbershops, Makeup Artists, Nail Stylists, Hair Stylists, Fashion Stores, Cosmetic Stores, Jewelry Stores, Digital Creators and Fashion Influencers can open online stores, promote their local business and online presence.

Protect Privacy

We have a responsibility to promote the best of what people can do together by keeping people safe and preventing harm.

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